We're an indie team, so we're a pretty small studio and we're not often recruiting, but we welcome open applications. We all come from backgrounds where we've done a lot of free work to improve our skills.
​Unlike a lot of the bigger studios we're open to considering working with people to help give them gain experience and to help us make the best game possible, if you are interested in free work to gain experience, don't hesitate to fill out an open application.



Our open application is for candidates that truly believe they can be an asset to Deco Digital. We are open to working with up and coming developers and students to give them experience and improve the quality of the games we produce. If you're interested in the possibility of working with us on a free basis the open application is the right place to apply.


  • Hard working and great team working skills
  • ​Willing to consider other peoples opinions and voice yours when it's time
  • Solid understanding of your field or role 
  • Posses the skills required of your field and role


  • Previous indie/mod experience
  • ​A passion for artistic perfection
  • Excellent problem solving skills amongst the ability to explore new methods

What's in it for you?

Everyone who currently works at Deco Digital has done free work on indie games and mods to reach their goals, we believe its a great way to train yourself to be disciplined, self motivated, and to improve your overall skills. Most of all, having video game credits is almost essential to getting a full time job in the games industry. We can help you get those credits.